What’s included in your survey?

A damp survey is a detailed inspection of a property to determine the presence, location and extent of any dampness. It typically includes testing for condensation, ground moisture, rising damp among other issues. It can also include tests for other environmental factors. The survey results will be used to inform any necessary remedial works that may need to be undertaken.

QHow long will a survey take?

Damp surveys are quick and easy to complete, often taking no more than an hour. The surveyor looks for visible signs of dampness, such as patches on walls and ceilings, building defects or indicators of potential problems. They will also take moisture readings using specialist equipment. This detailed investigation provides peace of mind that your home is safe, dry and free from damage caused by damp.

QWhat are my options after a survey?

After you receive our report our survey will help you negotiate a better price if your buying a property or if you just need the survey before you do any renovations on your property we can help you find and suitable contractor.

QWhat is the cost of the damp survey?

The survey costs £240, including VAT.

QHow long does it take to receive the report?

We aim to get the professional damp report to you within 24hrs.