The Importance of Understanding a Damp Line in the Middle of a London Home Wall

The Importance of Understanding a Damp Line in the Middle of a London Home Wall

10th February, 2023

At this point in time, you are probably beyond frustrated with dampness in the house. You’ve done all that you thought you should do, including damp proofing that wall, but obviously, it wasn’t enough. What could you have done more than applying some damp coating to your recently purchased London home? Actually, it just could be that when you applied it, you didn’t go high enough or cover a wide enough area. Let’s look at some of what you can do to get rid of it once and for all.

Start with London Damp Surveys

This may have been something you should have done prior to buying your home. It is always suggested that you add an independent survey along with other surveys such as a timber survey to ensure there is no structural damage to the home. Unfortunately, now that you’ve bought the home there is little you can do to be compensated for the expense of correcting the issue now, but there is something you can do to rid your wall of that dampness. Now you know that if you are going to buy another home in the future you should start with a pre-purchase survey so that the seller is responsible for correcting the problem prior to closing on the deal. Now it’s up to you, but don’t worry, start with a proper home surveying damp specialist London and they will be able to quickly diagnose the root cause of the problem so that you can go about having it corrected.

When It’s Time to Move

You may have been one of the fortunate home buyers who were able to qualify for decent rates on a home mortgage loan and that’s why you jumped at getting this home that seemed ideal as a starter home. You always knew you would need to upgrade as soon as possible because you have one child and would like at least one or two more. In other words, within the coming year or so you will once again be in the market for a new home, and it will need to also be in London. That’s where your office is after all, and you dread travelling almost as much as you worry over that damp line on the wall. With that said, let’s look at what you need to do before signing the final contract.

After putting in the offer to buy, line up a property survey in London. Make sure you go with the specialists that you have chosen who you know to be ethical and reliable. It is your right to request an independent damp survey that you know will give you the facts as they stand, Of course, if you do notice a damp line down the wall, you might think again, but it could be relatively minor and something that isn’t affecting the structural integrity of the home. If that is sound based on the timber survey, then you can go about having the problem corrected before you actually sign that contract to buy. If the owner is truly ready to sell, they will almost always have damp proofing London experts on the job as quickly as possible.

What You Have Learned from This Experience

As with every other area of life at the moment, costs are going up by leaps and bounds. The Bank of England is currently in the news almost daily as they are set to raise interest rates once again. That being the case and with a mortgage loan forecast to have higher interest rates, you want the issue solved before you buy a home. You have learned that anything which can be fixed today should be taken care of today. That’s one of the things you have learned. As all other costs are rising almost daily, you expect that rising damp treatment costs will almost certainly follow suit.

Whether the outcome of the survey found that you needed condensation treatment with a professional damp coating treatment or that there are other things that need to be corrected along with it, something needs to be done. Sometimes the independent damp survey specialist will find that the root of the dampness is a guttering system causing leaks into the structure and other times it could be leaks from the apartment above you in your London condominium home. What you have learned from this current issue is that you should never have closed on the home until arrangements were made to correct the problem before it becomes your financial burden.

An Independent Damp Survey You Can Trust

Now that you’ve worked with a London professional who has proven to be reliable and ethical, you know who to request when it’s time to buy your new home. Remember, it was easy getting into a mortgage loan for a condominium, but it may not be as easy to get a lender approval on a higher-cost four-bedroom home in the City. These are prime pieces of property, so the lender will also look at the independent surveys you’ve requested. If the home is marked as structurally sound and that any potential problems were corrected, then your chances of approval will be much higher.

Remember, getting approved for a home mortgage loan isn’t always about your earnings. They will want to see those surveys such as an independent damp survey and a timber survey to authenticate the structural integrity of the home. That is always the case. Why would they lend a high amount of money on a home that ‘might’ fall apart prior to the loan being satisfied? They wouldn’t, would they? So, now you know that it protects you once you are in the home and it can help you qualify for a mortgage loan as well. It’s amazing what a little knowledge and experience can teach you when you are in the market for a new home, and if nothing else, make sure you line up those surveys before signing an agreement to buy. It’s the best protection you can have.